How to Kiss Better

How to Kiss Better

Are you going to have your first kiss or want to know how to kiss her better?

Go for it

Some guys make the mistake of waiting for her to make the move – or give some visible signal that leaves little doubt whatever that she wants to be kissed. but here’s the thing: if you feel that sturdy want to kiss her and she’s standing there, close to you, holding your eye contact – then she knows damn well what you want. she will be able to feel it. and also the fact that she’s still there with you is probably the strongest signal she’s going to give. so don’t wait for express permission (for her to sayntion} something like “you can kiss me now”). Man up, lean in, and go for it.

If the thought of being this direct makes you nervous, remember this: women can forgive you for being a person, but not for being a wimp. There’s nothing wrong with having a desire and acting on it in this method. however if you are attempting to hide or shut that desire down – as a result of you don’t want to “offend” her or come off as “creepy” – you will} possible destroy any attraction she may have felt. And you’ll find yourself on a one-way trip to the friend-zone.

Stay in restraint

No need to invade her mouth with your tongue the second your lips touch. If you’re going for the perfect first kiss, you don’t want it to be a clumsy mess. therefore wait on the tongue at first. however do keep your mouth slightly open to make that risk out there. That way if she desires to slip her tongue into your mouth, she’ll be ready to. Or if you are feeling the desire to take it there, you’ll be able to do so step by step – without taking her completely off-guard.

The lead-up

The more sexual tension there’s between the two of you the more electrical that first kiss is going to feel. to make that tension you want to face close to the woman while holding robust eye contact. Then get physical and make firm (yet gently) contact with her. this could mean golf shot your hands round her hips, taking her hands, cup the rear of her head, or even running your fingers through her hair.

While you’re touching her you don’t need to be up in your head, thinking about however you must move/act next. Instead you wish to remain grounded and in your body. so breathe deep into whatever tension you feel in and let that excitement/anxiety stir inside you. Embrace that tension and she’ll begin to feel that excitement more and a lot of. The electricity between {you can|you’ll|you may} become so strong that the kiss will feel inevitable.

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